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"Katie Conroy took on a project for us of totally renovating a large house on the River Thames in Wargrave. Katie not only took control of the building project which was extensive but was instrumental in the whole design scheme. Her design skill and knowledge was extensive and helped us enormously. Not only did she order the furniture, all fittings and curtains but was very helpful to us in choosing all the relevant things we needed. We worked closely on all the details in the kitchen and it all worked perfectly. Katie is great fun to work with and nothing was too difficult for her. It is not easy to control all the aspects of building work and at the same be responsible for the design function as well. We would thoroughly recommend her to anybody. We are extremely happy with everything and without Katie it would not have been possible." S Fosbury

"Katie has looked after our house for the last 4 years and has done a fantastic job refurbishing the house - she has a wonderful ability to choose colours and fabrics that not only complement everything in the house but also suit the period property. She is also completely trustworthy and looks after the house, overseeing all the tradesmen and works that are needed to be done constantly on a period riverside property. We would not hesitate to recommend her on any project." C Neag

"Katie's been the driving force of a substantial renovation of my London property over the last 18 months. The main design themes are hers and it looks stunning. She likes to disagree and push when necessary, all in a fun and engaging way and always demonstrated through real life examples/illustrations/mood boards. She has ensured her integration of interior design into the process, and - more importantly - has been timely and to budget along the way. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone ready to go beyond a run-of-the-mill design solution." G.T. - London

"Katie Conroy has designed and project managed two homes for me, my cottage and now my London home. Over time she has got to know me very well and become very close to our family to the point where I can trust her to know exactly what I will like and even buy it on my behalf. Katie never settles for second best in order to make her own life easier and each and every decision regarding the house has been taken seriously and with care taking whatever time it has needed. I cannot recommend her highly enough. " L.M. - Oxfordshire